FIT Leadintex, Inc., Corporate Code of Conduct


Corporate Code of Conduct

We are expected to respect human rights, and to comply with laws, regulations, and international rules. Furthermore, it is required to achieve sustainable social development through business by following a strong code of ethics.

Such a corporate code of conduct defines what managements, employee and other related people to our company should comply with in order to achieve sustainable social development through business.

1.Compliance with Laws
Conduct sound business in accordance with social ethics in all situations by observing laws and regulations. 
2.Respect for Human Rights
Respect human rights and eliminate discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nation, social status, sex, age, or disability. 
3.Environmental Consideration 

Conduct business conducive to a low-carbon society and a resource-circulating society, and contribute to building a sustainable society in which there is harmony between the economy and the environment. At the same time, take into account biodiversity

4.Work Environment 
Treat employees in a fair manner and respect their diversity, character, and personality. In addition, ensure a safe and
comfortable work environment that enables employees to work at their best.
5.Earning the Trust of Customers and Consumers 
In addition to offering goods and services that fit the needs of consumers and customers, and providing correct information
about them, protect and manage customer information in an appropriate manner. Moreover, earn the trust of customers and
consumers by listening to and dealing with their problems. 
6.Mutual Growth with Partner Companies 
Build business relationships based on fair rules and establish trust with partner companies through seamless communication. 
7.Coexistence with Local Communities 
Aim at coexisting with a local community, taking part in its activities that contribute towards positive growth and a comfortable,
safe, and secure life for the community.  
8.Understanding and Support from Investors and Funders 
Attain understanding and support from investors and funders by conducting fair and transparent corporate management
9.Sound Relationships with Political Bodies and Government Agencies 
Maintain sound and transparent relationships with the government and political bodies, and break off any collusive relationships with them. 
10.Standing against Antisocial Forces 
Take a resolute stand against and reject any connection with antisocial forces and organizations that threaten social order or